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Get temporary workers fast
from agencies across the UK
For hospitality venues who use temporary workers

All your favourite agencies in one place

Access to top talent from a range of recruitment agencies when you need an extra helping hand.

Promotion of events and jobs to workers

Promote an upcoming event or job you need filling to workers via an easy to use dashboard.

Select the best workers for your venue

Decide on the best people for you based on their past experience and ratings from previous venues they have worked in.

Communicate with and organise your team

Organise your team; whether it be your own internal casual workers or those from an external agency.

Save time and access via any device

All of your temporary staffing needs managed through one portal, accessed via an app on your phone, tablet or PC.

Reduce your manual paperwork

Manage the whole process online, no paper contracts or timesheets. Complete tasks in seconds with no printing.

Access to the portal 24/7 via any device

Visit the portal any time of day, 7 days per week, whenever you need to post jobs, select workers or organise your team.
For people who want access to flexible hospitality work

Flexible work when you need some extra cash

Work flexibly, when you want to work, around your current commitments and schedule.

Get notified of relevant jobs on your phone

Get notified of upcoming jobs or events that need workers directly to your mobile phone.

Easy one-click apply to jobs you're interested in

It takes no time at all to register your interest in a particular job or event via the app.

Experience new venues and improve your skills

You could be working in bars, restaurants, hotels, at prestigious events and even at festivals too.

Build up a professional hospitality CV

Collect ratings from the previous jobs you have completed and build up your online hospitality CV.

Work with friends and people you bond with

Our rating system means we know exactly who you like working with and who you work really well with.

Access exclusive monthly loyalty rewards

Access to monthly Job Squad loyalty rewards including amazing discounts and concert tickets.
For agencies who want to streamline their processes

Make more money

Get access to venues you don't already work for to boost your income.

Save yourself time

Less manual paperwork. Upload contracts and sign off timesheets online.

Access online 24/7

Access your portal whenever you need, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.